2020 Alumni Reel Viewing Request Form

2020 Alumni Reel Viewing Request Form
2020 Alumni Reel Viewing Information

Upon completion and submission of this form, you will receive a confirmation email containing the necessary links to view the 2020 Alumni Reel, along with a playlist (also found below). If you do not receive this email immediately following your form submission, please contact us at alumni@hampshire.edu.

2020 Alumni Reel Viewing Request Form

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2020 Alumni Reel Playlist
Part I
Come Together Tamar Haviv - Artist/Songwriter
Cults - "A Low" Jeff Striker 06F - Director/Cinematographer/Editor
#PrayFor Allison Smartt 07F - Sound Designer/Composer
Imaginary Explosions, episode 2, Chaitén Caitlin Berrigan 99F - Director
Cablestreet Meredith Lackey 07F - Producer/DP/Editor
Core 11 Maribel Moses 12F - Director/Producer
Bingbing & The Young Pioneers Odette Scott 02F - writer/director/camera/editor
Cierra Pacheco's Video Editing Reel Cierra Pacheco 03F - Video Editor
A Burial Tim O'Neill 01F - Producer/Editor
BUZZ Andrew Shea 72F - Director/Producer
Lost Wax Collective Austin Retzlaff 12F Editor/Designer
Various Dan Added Works Ben Floss 11F- Writer/Director
Composer and sound designer reel Mike Sal 02F - Composer | Sound Design | Meatball
Egg Cream Nora Claire Miller 13F - Codirector with Peter Miller
Naughty Books Austen Rachlis 99F - Director/Producer
Malpelo: An Expedition Soren Nielsen 06F - Director of Photography
Aerial Demo Reel 2020 Enrico Grillo 11F Director of Photography
Cancer Diary Nadia Jamil 93F, actor, child right activist, Cancer Ninja, teacher, student
Trailer: The Hidden Tiger Michael Samstag 85F - Director
Wildlife and Cinematography Reels Ethan Hendrick 12F - Cinematographer/Producer
Painting is Life: The Art of Simon Gunning David Rae Morris 77F - Painting is Life
"Elderless" Short Film Michail Charalampidis 10F - Director/Producer
Teaser for KATE NASH - UNDERESTIMATE THE GIRL Amy Goldstein 76F - Director/Producer
Reno 911! - Season Seven David Lincoln 95F - Producer & Director
DA 5 BLOODS Newton Thomas Sigel 73F, A.S.C.
A Thousand Junkies Ezra Swerdlow (71F) and Steven Germain (71F) - Executive Producers
Books of Blood Erica Huggins 83F - President, Fuzzy Door Entertainment
Wilder Spells Wilder Konschak 98F - Maker
Are You Dressed for the Apocalypse? Alicia Dattner 96F - Comedian/Producer
Recent TV/Film work Rachel Sledd 90F - Actor
Covid 19, 2020 Laura Hoffman 78F - Creator/Performer
Hairbrush Standup: Dukes of Hazzard Josh Weinstein 93F - Writer/Director/Performer
180 Seconds Perry Strong 97F - Actor/Filmmaker
People Who Don't Know Me Sarah Richardson 00F - Writer/Director
FILTHY RICH Amanda Pollack 83F - Editor
Inside The House Dycee Wildman 03F Co-Writer/Co-Director/Co-Producer
Stick and Poke Susie Landau Finch 78F - Co-Writer/Director/Producer, Roy Finch 78F - Music composed by and Addl Editing and Post Production Supervisor, Pamela Smith 78F - associate costume designer
Circus Sam Chris Anderson 86F - Composer
The Reluctant Radical Ken Ward 75F - climate activist, documentary subject
The Soul of A Farmer Roger Sherman 73S - Filmmaker

Part II
R2MK Trailer Eric Becker 98F - Director/Producer
Urban Growth Nathan Kensinger 97F - Co-Director, Co-Producer
Field Studies: Muses/Monsters Brett Astor 88F - Director/Editor
These Unruly and Ungovernable Selves Michelle Handelman 78F - Visual Artist/Filmmaker/Writer
Dr. Donna Rockwell Helping Communities Cope with Covid-19 Dr. Donna Rockwell 74F, Mental Heath Expert - WDIV-TV, Detroit
A Narcissistic Love Letter Spencer T Murray 13F - Writing/Film
Narrative Shorts Excerpts Judlin Willmont 92F Co-Director/Co-Producer
The Hill and The Hole Chris Ernst 98F - Co-Director/Cinematographer
Bolden David Dranitzke 89F | Co-Producer / VFX Producer
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Daniel Inkeles 04F - Executive Producer
"Stumptown" Season One Michael Benni Pierce 98F - Assistant Editor
Robot Lust Ian Kennedy 95F - Director/Editor
The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts Quinn Thomashow 16F -Filmmaker
faithy, hey Emily Hubley 76F P08 - Filmmaker
veryape.tv Doc Teaser Cass Greener 06F - Producer - Documentary Film
To Right The Wrong Richard Barber 71F- Filmmaker
Boombox Workshop John Weiss 83F - Producer - Youth Mentoring
A Sketch in October Kai Shabaka 14F - Game Writer & Filmmaker - Deathless
Field Resistance Emily Drummer 09F - Filmmaker
Mixed Tiya Tejpal 05F - Production Designer
Light on a Path, Follow Elliot Montague 98F - Writer/Director
Itinerary of Surfaces Carl Elsaesser 07F - Teacher/Filmmaker/Curator
Lucas C. Ospina Experimental Film Samples Lucas C. Ospina - 12F - Astral Docent
a landscape to be invented Josh Weissbach 04F - Director
CHARIOTS OF FIRE 2020 Doug Stone 90F - Director / Editor
Demo Reel Lewis Schoenbrun 77F - Creator
1917 Visual Effects Greg Butler 89F - VFX Supervisor
My Life on a Diet Daniel Epstein 76F - Director of Photography
Nu Dem Jennifer Saparzadeh 07F - Editor/Director/Producer/Camera/Sound
Backyard on Saint Rose Paul Turano 87F - Filmmaker
Trust Me, I'm Sick Erica Lupinacci 09F - Co-creator/Producer
The Act of Reading Mark Blumberg 03F - Director
Jay Myself Henry Jacobson 98F Producer
Self-Evident - Being 10 in 2020 Lucy J. Lesser 96F - Showrunner/Director
Wah Gwaan! Bullettrun Trains In East, NY Nadia Lesy 95S - Artistic Director
They Only See Our Faces / ALL BOYS DIE Julio C. Vargas 95F/08S - Director
Curfew Anna Leah 05F - Video Journalist
Calling Out For More: Love, God & India Jesse Johnson 98F - Producer/Writer
Country Music Ken Burns 71F - Filmmaker